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Opera 3 – v2.12.00

Next Release

will include more Excel reports and Task Scheduler tasks, the ability to make SEPA euro payments in the Cashbook, and new features in Pegasus Web Xchange and Payroll Self Service.

Excel reports

Users will be able to export the following additional reports to Excel:

  • Nominal Ledger: History View, Transactions View, Account Transactions View and Account Snapshot View
  • Sales Ledger: Customer Status report
  • Purchase Ledger: Supplier Status, Realised Gains/Losses, Currency Revaluation, Turnover, Held Invoices, Payment Forecast and Suggested Payments

Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler will allow the following additional tasks to be scheduled to run at a later time:

  • Reorganise in Invoicing/Sales Order Processing
  • Reorganise in Purchase Order Processing
  • Period End in Stock Control

SEPA Cashbook

Users will be able to record the necessary details to post SEPA Nominal Ledger and Purchase Ledger payments and Sales Ledger refunds in the Cashbook, and to submit SEPA payment files to the bank.
The following new BACS options will be available on the Set Options form:

  • SEPA BOI (Bank of Ireland)
  • SEPA CT (Credit Transfers)

Additional BACS options

Users who may need to set up more than one bank account, in order, for example, to pay some suppliers in sterling and other suppliers in euros using the SEPA format, will now be able to define up to two options for BACS payments.

Recording BIC and IBANs

Bank accounts can be marked as SEPA accounts on the Cashbook – Processing form. BIC and IBAN numbers are mandatory for SEPA bank accounts. Sort codes and bank account numbers are optional. Payee names of up to 70 characters are permitted.

Making SEPA Payments

SEPA payments can be made from these forms:

  • Cashbook – Processing – N/L Payments
  • Cashbook – Processing – S/L Refunds
  • Cashbook – Processing – P/L Payments
  • Cashbook – Utilities – Post Recurring

Pegasus Web Xchange and Payroll Self Service

Pegasus Web Xchange will include the following new features:

  • Bulk Emailing to allow the Payroll Self Service administrator to send emails to all Payroll Self Service users, either immediately or at a later time.
  • Service Status to allow Pegasus Web Xchange administrators to monitor the communication between Opera 3 and Pegasus Web Xchange.


If you need any further information, please contact support at support@sbk.co.uk or by telephone on 01246 861100