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Bar Coding

MultiBin manages the location of an item of stock across multiple bins and locations.  It uses an automated FIFO approach to ensure that stock will never sit in a location long enough to go out of date.

There is no need for manual allocation of stock items as this is done automatically.  Existing stock can also be set up to MultiBin.  For complete stock overview, transactions and content details can be checked for every bin.

Multiple different warehouses can easily be set up to participate in MultiBin management.  A stock/warehouse combination is also available, which allows the picking of the default Bin location into which stock inward transactions can be placed.

MultiBin enables effective stock management as bins can be created for your stock, with default pick bins set with minimum and maximum levels, which will indicated when one needs to be replenished.

A comprehensive setup programme is provided to globally create the necessary tables and links from existing stock.  This removes the need to manually search through numerous stock items and flag the required items that need to be reallocated to MultiBin management.

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