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Mobile Sales

Allow your sales team to connect to the office when out on the road

This exciting new module will be released during September and allows all your sales team on the road to have the ability to connect back to the office via a dedicated sales app.

The app will comprise 3 major functions: Mobile Sales Orders, Customer Enquiry and Stock Enquiry.

  • The Mobile Sales Orders function will allow a user to create, amend and delete orders in a mobile environment using an internet connection. Where an internet connection is not available, the app will use the most recent (cached) dataset stored on the tablet and orders can be sent once an internet connection is re-established. Orders can only be created for customers the user has access to. The orders which are taken and completed on the tablet can then be submitted to Opera 3 by the app, ready for review and available to import into SOP via the Pegasus Web Xchange Centre.
  • The Customer Enquiry function will allow a user to view details of customers they have access to, including outstanding invoices.
  • The Stock Enquiry function will allow the user to view details of stock items. The sales person can choose to view the default details of a stock item or the pricing details specific to a particular customer.

All three functions allow the user to either select all the customers they have access to, or an individual customer.