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Opera 3 Payroll - Full intergration for your entire business

Opera 3 - Full integration across your entire business

Pegasus’ flagship offering, Opera 3, is a complete business solution which can be fully integrated throughout your organisation, eliminating the need to run separate finance, payroll, supply chain, CRM or service systems.

Every business is unique, with individual requirements, and particular challenges. That’s why Opera 3 has been designed to be completely flexible and totally customisable.

Opera 3 has modular applications, features, customisation, configuration and setup options to allow you to build the specific solution you need to suit your particular business. It means you can buy what you need, when you need it, and expand the solution as your business grows.


You will find the analysis of your cashflow that Opera 3 delivers is invaluable to your profit generation.

Sales Ledger

View your sales information in a way that is meaningful to you. Handle all customer profiles and trading terms, invoices, credit notes, receipts, refunds and adjustments.

Credit Management

Integrated with Sales Ledger, it provides a series of key dashboard views for effective credit control, as well as the tools you need to manage customer debt.

Purchase Ledger

All supplier transactions are managed from start to finish. Cashflow is automated and improved with cheque and BACS payment routines, email remittances, and the calculation of average creditor days.

Nominal Ledger

Includes analysis of Account, Type, Sub-type, Cost Centre and two further user-definable levels as standard., giving you access and in-depth analysis at transactional level for the past 9 years.

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Supply Chain Management

Opera 3 gives you complete control of the whole supply chain, right at your fingertips.

Sales Order Processing

Back to back order processing and part-progression of documents, batch processing and email of documents within the sales cycle. The Scheduler also offers repeat invoicing.

Purchase Order Processing

Simply and swiftly generate all documents for the whole purchase process. Multiple supplier documents can be optimised to create a single document for progression to a purchase order.

Stock Control

Apply different costs and selling prices, with minimum stock and re-order levels for each warehouse, meaning you can arrange stockholding exactly how you like.


Extracts product information from Stock Control, allowing stock items to be allocated within worksheets for a manual count. Users can then run a cross-check and make corrections and adjustments.

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Payroll & HR

Complex payroll functions are made quick and easy, and HMRC PAYE and RTI Recognition ensures you are always compliant.

Payroll Processing

Covering everything from employee creation to payment processing, it also creates fully for the submission of Real Time Information to HMRC, including the Full Payment Submissions required for each pay period.

NEST Integration

If you decide to use NEST (National Employment and Savings Trust) as your pension provider as part of your auto-enrollment duties, it wil allow you to create enrollment information and contribution files that can be uploaded.

Online Filing Manager

Enable quick and effortless electronic RTI submissions via the Government Gateway. The easy format guides you through the process, while HMRC PAYE Recognition ensures data entries are correct.


Enables the management of all employee-related processes including recruitment, retention, training, disciplinary actions, absenteeism, job changes and salary updates.

Pegasus Web Xchange

Connect with your Opera 3 data remotely. It will change the way you work and run your business.

Easy Access

The Pegasus Web Xchange is a secure and easy way to access your Opera 3 data on the go – anytime, anywhere and on a number of devices.

Browser Based

Using new browser technology, Web Xchange provides a set of services that are used to securely access and view Opera 3 data via a web browser.

Payroll Self Service

Integrating with Opera 3 Payroll and HR application, it offers employees remote access to their personal data, holiday entitlement and their payslips.


Permissions can be restricted to read-only, or read/write allowing employees to update their information and post back to Opera for authorisation by a manager.


Opera 3 CRMis full of ways to help you to work smarter, manage prospects and opportunities and convert them into sales.

Manage Opportunities

Generate prospects and manage your relationships effectively so thast they become customers.

Log Activity

Once a prospect becomes a customer, you can continue to log activity such as mailings, conversions, tasks and promotions.

Seamless Interaction

Integration with supply change management and financials eliminates re-keying and ensures account information is always close to hand.


Analyse opportunities by referral method, type and competitor, and it assesses sales by opportunity status, user, contact or company for a given date range.

Business Intelligence

Access the Information you need, when and where you need it.

Pegasus XRL

A powerful reporting tool that will change the way you view your business. You can analyse, manipulate and report using the Excel interface that you are familliar with.

Pegasus Dashboard

Give you an accurate real time representation of the current status of sales performance, stock levels and key performance indicators.

Pegasus Instant Messanger

Send popup alerts to your desktop and generate emails, reports and information based on the data held within Opera 3.

Service & Helpdesk Management

Put service at the core of your business and retain customers for the long term.

Simplified Management

Working with CRM/SOP and Stock Control, Service & Helpdesk Management streamlines the management of service maintenance contracts.

Comprehensive Overview

An overview of your customer contracts, from quote and order right through to delivery, installation, service and billing.

Central Reference Point

A central point for recording problems, change requests, installation and visits, as well as tracking, planning and resolving issues.

Efficient Scheduling

Intuitive Resource Scheduler allows for planning of engineers, staff and resources, while Summary Scheduler lets you view all calls and allocate resources in bulk.

Document Management

Store all your business documents in one central location, save time and money and never loose paperwork again.

Instant Access

Instant access to customer orders, supplier invoices, credit and delivery notes, job costing timesheets and Payrol & HR documents across all applications.

Easy to Use

Documents can be captured and indexed individually, in batches or by barcode. Captures are automatically tracked, with full auditability.

Effective and Efficient

Cut dow on the paper used,the time spent searching through paper archives, and the storage space needed to keep them all.

Document Management Desktop

Allow non-Opera users to access documents directly from their desktop, allowing electronic document capture and easy retrieval of files.