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Leased Lines

Having a fast and reliable level of internet connectivity is vitally important in our web-reliant environment.  The choice of internet provider is therefore important and Smart Internet is an essential consideration.  We offer Smart Internet service via the world’s most renowned providers. Our Smart Internet service offer includes:

  • Multiple services down one line – converge your data, Voice, video and applications traffic. From Internet, SIP, Cloud, Stock Exchanges etc…
  • Flexible Bandwidth Management means you can view, manage and control your Internet traffic via web portal. Manage your employees’ web-browsing activities. A company with 50 employees, each browsing social media sites for one hour per day loses 1,000 hours per month in productivity, costing £10,000 per month.
  • Variable bandwidth – switch bandwidth up or down daily to cope with projected peaks and troughs in demand.
  • The clever part is that if you don’t need the entire capacity of your connection for Internet, you can split the circuit using secure VLANs and use it to deliver other services and applications, thus reducing infrastructure costs.

The system delivers cost savings, including consolidating voice, video and data services, across one connection with one connection fee.  The installation process is a simple plug and play and means there is no need for expensive hardware and set up costs.

The software is adaptable and scalable, which means our infrastructure can easily grow with your requirements


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