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Web Filtering

Internet Abuse – A real cost to your business ?

The Internet provides your business with an effective, useful and often essential facility. Your staff can use it to find quick answers, liaise with customers, send and receive emails and many other productive tasks. Unfortunately, the Internet also provides the opportunity for mis-use. Our latest routers can help you restrict, control and monitor staff Internet usage.

Studies have shown that on average employees spend between one to three hours every day on personal internet use, resulting in a significant loss of productivity.

Our Web Filtering systems allow businesses to boost employee productivity by giving the employer the ability to monitor and control internet access, ensuring that employee web browsing activity is aligned to business needs and that any files being downloaded are monitored accordingly.

Our software uses the latest site categorisation database that gives an employer control over which sites users can browse and blocks access to websites in particular categories, such as adult material, online gaming, personalised email, travel websites and social media channels.

Key features:

Control of Security, Compliance and Productivity

It allows you to enforce acceptable user policy, based on individuals, group, device, location or time of day.  The software makes sure that employees are following company policies by blocking threats and tracking traffic usage.

Easy integration

Dashboard gives you real-time insight into current threats and traffic usage.

Always up to date

Automatically checks all web traffic against up to the second threat profiles.

Layered Security

WebSecurity applies up to the moment cyber intelligence to protect users against new and emerging threats.

URL Filtering and Protection

Our software blocks connections to phishing and other malicious sites, preventing infection and loss of login/credential data.  The system is continuously updated with the most recent information on phishing, advanced persistent threat and other unsafe sites, blocking any request to these pages.


It reduces the risk of malware infection or time-consuming clean-ups.  Our Web Filter provides a defensive barrier between users and the internet, giving immediate protection from viruses and spyware, everywhere they go and however they connect.

Mobile Device Coverage

It allows you to add the same security measures to smart phones and tablets, regardless of location or device ownership.  Android and ioS users are protected from Web malware, phishing attacks and botnet access while conforming to company browsing polcity.  With processing performed in the cloud, there is no impact on device performance or battery life.

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